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Restricting deletion of custom forms

We have just added the ability to restrict whether an employee can delete a custom form that you have sent them.

Customers seem to love our new custom forms feature that we released a couple of months ago.  It is great to see so many of you sending out forms to get information from your teams, or to carry out surveys or performance reviews.

We had set up the forms so that they could be deleted by either employees or admin users at any time as we thought this might be a useful feature, i.e. if either party wanted to get rid of older forms with outdated information.

However, customers have said that in a lot of cases, they wanted their employees to be able to fill the forms, but not delete them at all, so we have added a new flag to the form templates to let you nominate whether you wish the forms to be employee deletable or not.

By default, this will be OFF for all forms, and you will have to edit any form templates you have to turn it on.

When turned on, then your employees will never see the option to Delete the form when they are filling it out, or viewing completed forms via their portal.

Admin users will always have the ability to delete custom forms at any time via the admin portal.