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New Custom Forms module

We have just launched a new feature on HR Partner allowing you to define custom forms to collect employee information.

It may seem that we have been a little quiet here on the HR Partner development team lately, but that is because we have been working on a brand new major feature in our system that lets you create and send out custom forms to your employees to gather information from them.

What can custom forms be useful for, we hear you ask?  Well, here are some suggestions:

  • Allow employees to request extra training for themselves
  • Let employees request company assets such as laptops or mobile phones
  • Ensure employees can submit accident reports when needed
  • Let employees anonymously submit complaints or feedback
  • Allow admins to send out performance self-assessments to employees to fill out
  • Gather information such as emergency contacts or banking details from employees

Custom Forms can be either sent out to employees by admins on an individual or group basis, or you can optionally allow employees to select and fill out certain forms right from within their employee portal itself.

Additionally, you can make certain forms Anonymous, meaning that the employee can submit them without risk of anyone finding out who sent it - useful for collecting critical feedback about the company, or perhaps a complaint about a fellow staff member.

Custom Forms can also be included as part of a checklist step, so you can grab critical information during the onboarding process if needed.

For more information, and an introduction to how this new module works, we suggest you check out this excellent video by Sarah, our Customer Success team leader:

You can also check out our help documentation, which has been extensively worked to add lots of information about this new module:


And as always, you can feel free to contact our helpful support team if you have any questions at all about this new module (or anything else in HR Partner).