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HR Partner Workplace

The technical and support blog for HR Partner - Announcements of new features, tips for using existing features and sometimes a sneak peak of what goes on 'behind the scenes'.


HR Partner Workplace

New Features

Announcements about new features to HR Partner.

Managing Reminders

Reminders are one of the most used features in HR Partner, and today we put in some work to make managing them a lot easier. Some of our busier users have been asking us for ways to make bulk changes to reminders, for instance: deleting a bunch of older, obsolete reminders in one hit without having…

Devan Sabaratnam Devan Sabaratnam

A different way of looking at leave

For the past few months, our growing custom base have been suggesting that they would like to be able to see the leave calendar in a 'flat' format, similar to a Gantt chart display. Well, today we are pleased to announce that we have added this new layout to our app. Not only that, you can now also…

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