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Microsoft Outlook calendar sync issue resolved!

The Microsoft Outlook calendar feed are working again!

Late last month, we became aware from custom feedback that the syncing of the HR Partner calendar to Microsoft Outlook was not working any longer.

After much debugging and discussions with Microsoft's technical people, we discovered that Microsoft had changed the way that they would interpret the iCal standard ICS feed.  We had some customizations in the ICS feed which worked perfectly before, but had now stopped due to the tighter parsing requirements that Microsoft had added.

But the good news is that we now have a compatible feed again, so your iCal feeds from HR Partner should continue to work.  If you are still experiencing problems, you may need to disconnect the old feed and reconnect again within Outlook.

Note: The Google Calendar feeds were never affected and kept working, and will also support this new format of ours.

Apologies for any inconvenience during the outage, and we hope that all your calendars are happily communicating again.