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Announcing Two Way Emails in HR Partner!

You can now send AND receive emails in HR Partner. Communicate more effectively with your employees as well as your job applicants!
Announcing Two Way Emails in HR Partner!

We always intended HR Partner to be a communication platform between yourself and your team.  Up until now, you could easily send emails from our system out to your staff or your job applicants, however, and replies would have to be routed directly to your company Inbox, resulting in a loss of two way communication.

Well, we are really excited to announce that we now have full 2 way emails in HR Partner - of sorts.  What has happened is that all your employees now have a unique email address that can be used to save a copy of any email conversations you have with them, and you can even use this unique address to upload files against their employee record via email file attachments!

What is this unique email address, I hear you ask? Well, it is a combination of your employee's code in HR Partner, your subdomain, and hrpartner.email.

For example, if your HR Partner unique URL was arielair.hrpartner.io, then your subdomain is arielair.  And if you had an employee called Gracie Collins, where her employee code was COLLG, then Gracie's unique email address would be:


And any emails sent to that address (from an existing admin's email address) would be stored against her employee record.  This will work even if you cc an email to that address!

And if you attach any files to an email sent to, or cc'd to that address, then those files will be extracted and saved as File Attachments against Gracie's record.

Note: This feature also now works in the Recruitment area, and allows you to have your applicants send file, or reply to messages sent from the Recruitment portal and have them stored against their applicant record.

Read more about this great new feature on our help documentation portal.

Happy Emailing!