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Inbound emails from third parties

We've made a small enhancement to our newly released inbound email feature which will let you accept emails from external providers such as your payroll system.

If you have been following this workplace blog, you will see that we just released the capability for HR Partner to handle incoming emails to your company.

At first, we set the permission restrictions so that only emails sent from an admin user's email address, or an employees email address would be handled by our incoming email routine.  This was to stop external spam email from clogging up your system.

However, we have become aware that quite a few customers wish to have information emailed to HR Partner from third party or external systems - for example, having Xero Payroll email payslips that can be attached straight to employee records in HR Partner.

To this end, we have just opened up a new feature to expand our Inbound Email service, which will let you set any number of 'Allowed Inbound Email Addresses' to cater for these scenarios.

If you have turned ON the capability for inbound emails to your company (see our help article on how to do this), then you will see a new menu under Setup -> Configure -> Allow Inbound where you can set these external emails up:

When adding a new email, please ensure that you set up the FULL email address of the third party service (e.g. Xero's emails come from messaging-service@post.xero.com).

You can also set up the file attachment category where any email attachments (if any) will be uploaded against the employee.  So for example, you might want any pay slip PDFs from your payroll provider to be uploaded to the 'Payslips' sub-category under Employee Attachments.

Then you can also nominate whether you wish the uploaded attachments to be visible to your employees, and whether you wish to have the incoming emails automatically marked as having been read.

We hope that this little enhancement opens up how you can integrate HR Partner with other software systems quickly and easily.