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Location based permissions

From day 1, we have given you the ability to restrict admin users to only seeing employees in certain departments.  This was useful if you wanted to, for example, give your finance manager visibility only to their employees in the Accounts and Sales departments.

But as our customer base grows larger, and we have bigger businesses signing up, we have been asked if there is a way to restrict employee visibility based on the location they are in, i.e. they wanted their London manager to see employees in ALL departments, however, only in their London office, and not the New York office etc.

Previously, this meant that you had to set up a complex, multi layered location based Department naming convention by creating multiple copies of the same department, i.e. 'Finance - London' and 'Finance - New York', and then using those department names to restrict admins by departmental locations.  Ugh.

Well, the good news is that we have just rolled out a major improvement to this security setting.  Now, if you go to the admin user edit screen under Setup -> Users, and go to the 'Access' tab, there is a new area where you can specify the Locations that you wish to restrict their visibility to.

Now you can combine both department and location restrictions for more granular control over who your admin users can see.  We hope this means that you can simplify your department lists again, as well as effect quick changes to security settings if your admin users do move around a lot to different locations.

Tip: Remember to leave the Department and Location lists blank if you wish to give your admin user access to ALL departments and/or locations.