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Better document handling

We've improved the file manager view in the employee File Attachment area, and also the Company Library to make it easier to navigate and find the files you need.

A few weeks ago, we quietly released a new UX layout for the File Attachment module in the Employee view, and also on the Company Library view.

This new layout made it a bit less cluttered and gave you a more traditional 'File Manager' view of your files, including now the ability to create sub-categories (or sub-folders) under Employee Attachments, meaning that you now don't have to have all your employee files in the one pile, but instead can create 'folders' for them to store things like photos, contracts and payslips etc. in their own separate areas for less clutter on one screen.

Today we made another little tweak to that file manager view by adding some color to make it easier for you to quickly identify files and folders.

Don't forget that as an admin user, you now also have the ability to rename uploaded files, or move existing files to other categories/folders by clicking on the little 'gear cog' icon in the lower right of each file name.