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April 2018 Improvements

This was a really busy month in our development labs here at HR Partner. We were busy making a large number of improvements and enhancements to our system, most of which was based on great feedback from our ever growing community of users.

Here is a brief summary of some of the changes that we have introduced:

  • Added (and improved) the ability to filter out certain applicants in the Recruitment module
  • Changed the leave request (and approval) screens to use a more intuitive start/end date entry system (but still includes the ability to specify just a start date and duration). Yes, you can now specify leave blocks right down to the minute!
  • Save data entry time by adding options to most of the lookup drop down selections in HR Partner while you enter information into the system. This can be restricted to certain users only, to keep your lookup data clean.
  • You can now hide the employee age from being displayed on the admin pages.
  • You can now export all HR Partner reports as CSV or JSON files. Now you can import this information into your favourite spreadsheet or database and do more analysis/reporting on it.
  • You can now see a historical list of emails that you have sent your job applicants from the Recruitment module. You can also now send individual applicants a message from HR Partner and have that appear on the email history list as well.
  • Admin users in different countries can now see date & times in the system in their own country format, rather than just the default company format.
  • Job listings in the Recruitment module are now restricted by department, so that Admin users who only have access to certain departments can only see job listings for their own departments.
  • Leave types can now be restricted/allocated to only employees in certain locations.
  • You can now optionally have multiple gender identities in HR Partner, and not be restricted to just 'Male' and 'Female'.

Over the next few days, we will publish more blog posts here at the HR Partner Workplace which will contain more information on some of these features, and also how you begin to incorporate some of them into your daily HR workflow.