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Improving Job Listing Admin Views

We have just made a small but important tweak to our Recruitment module in HR Partner. Previously, any administrative user in the company could see ALL the job listings that have been created, including the applicant details and scorecards etc.

However, many of our larger customers have indicated that this is actually impacting privacy within their organisations, and that they would prefer administrative users to be only able to see job listings within their own departments.

To that end, we have just build in tighter security within the Job Listing and Applicant Listing area, so that now users can only see the applicants and listings that fall within their own department visibility. Also, they can now only create job listings for their own department(s).

You can set up a user's department visibility within the Company -> Users area in HR Partner. When you edit a user, you can specify which departments they have visibility into (which includes employees and job listings within those departments only.


Leaving this field blank will enable the user to see ALL job listings in all departments, as well as see ALL employees in the company.