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Tracking what happens in HR Partner

One of the critical things with manipulating HR data, is that a solid audit trail is always important to preserve data integrity, and to provide a historical evidence trail of any changes made in the system.

We've always had an audit trail in HR Partner, but up until today, if you needed to get a log of changes made to a particular transaction, you had to talk to us directly and we would gather the information for you by delving into the database logs.

Well, as we grow bigger and bigger every month, that task was starting to become non-scalable, so what we have done now is to allow you, our user, to run off your own audit trail reports yourself.

If you go to Company -> Logs -> Audit Trail now, you will be able to see a list of ALL changes made to your HR Partner system of the lifetime of your use of our service.  

The new audit screen

To keep the list manageable, we show you the last 30 day's transactions, but you can always click on the 'Filter' button to change the date range, or to pick a particular module, or action, or even employee or admin user to investigate.

Powerful filtering for your transactions

So now, if you suspect that someone's leave records were tampered with, you can elect to show all 'Absence/Leave' transactions for that particular employee, and track the changes made to them.  You can even click on the action icon to zoom straight into the screen where the change was made.

We hope that this will make investigations in your HR Partner company a lot easier to manage (not to mention enhancing your privacy and security as we will no longer have to access your data on your behalf).