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Work Anniversaries

I was involved in a discussion thread on Twitter the other day in which a Github employee was lamenting the fact that his 3 year work anniversary went unnoticed by HR or management.

Full thread link: https://twitter.com/chobberoni/status/1118227699003265024

This made me realise how important a lot of employees considered their work anniversary date, and also how a lot of companies tend to forget or ignore these milestones.

So to try and help this situation, I decided to include a new widget on the dashboard of our system which would show all anniversaries for the past 2 and next 4 upcoming weeks.  Very similar to our current birthday widget.

I hope this will keep work anniversaries front and centre in the HR manager's (or admin user's) mind.  At least for companies that use HR Partner.

I briefly considered adding a feature to message the employee automatically, but decided against that.  I want the congratulations message to be personalised, and include some details about the employee's performance and accomplishments in that time, not a robot message.  So we encourage the admin user to click on the employee name and send them a personal message.

NOTE: To fit the new widget in required some re-arranging of the existing widgets on the main dashboard.  Basically, we have moved all the leave related widgets to the right hand side of the dashboard.  We hope this does not cause too much confusion.