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Timesheet Reminders

A couple of months back, we released the Timesheets module for HR Partner. We haven't rested on our laurels much, because today, we made a small improvement (requested by users) that will hopefully make life easier for our customers.

It turns out that chasing up employees to finish their timesheets is a common problem across most companies. Well, now we hope to make that job a little less stressful for everyone, because you now have the option for HR Partner to send out a reminder email to any employee who has not submitted their timesheets by the last day of the pay sequence.

Hopefully this will chase up any tardy employees without you having to do much at all. In addition, HR admins from the company who normally approve timesheets will also be sent a heads up email which lists all employees who have yet to submit their timesheets, so you can still manually follow them up if you wish.

Just another way we are always working on HR Partner to make it the best HR solution for all small and medium business.

Why don't you check out the documentation on our Timesheet module right now, and see if it is something you could implement in your business (if you are not already using it).