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Announcing Calendar Syncing

It's been a busy month in our development studio, and we are happy to announce a new feature in HR Partner that allows you to sync your calendar reminders, as well as important information such as employee birthdays, employee time off etc. with your favourite calendar app.

Google, Microsoft etc.

So, if you use Outlook 365, or Google Calendar, or ANY calendar app that supports the iCal standard format, you can now subscribe to your HR Partner company so that your information appears in your favourite app.

Outlook iCal Setup

Never miss a birthday, or when someone is out of the office again - now it will sync on all your devices that supports the iCal format. This is a live subscription that will update throughout the day automatically when you make changes to HR Partner.

Check out our help documentation for more information, including a video walkthrough on how to set this up.

But wait, there's more

Did you know that we also have an integration to the excellent Slack workgroup tool? Yes, you can install our HR Partner bot in your company Slack channel and ask it plain English questions such as "Is Joe Smith out of the office today?" or "When does Mary Jones get back from holiday?" and it will answer you like a good little HR assistant. Find out more in our help site.

HR Bot In Slack