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Terminating Employees

Up until now, we haven't had a formal way of terminating employees in HR Partner. We had a 'Finished Employment At' date in the employee masterfile, but not much more information than that.

We've had several requests from users for a more formal way of marking the end of someone's employment at their company. Additionally, we provide a way of recording Position & Salary history in HR Partner, and users were asking if we could automatically fill in the 'Completion Date' in the history when an employee finished up.

Well, the good news is that we now have a formal Termination process in HR Partner, including the ability to select a (customisable) reason why the employee left the company.

Termination Screen in HR Partner

For more information, please check out our help documentation, plus an excellent short video that Hannah has done to explain how the Termination (and Un-Termination) process works.

Note: Existing users of HR Partner will have to set up a set of Termination Reasons in their system manually. New users will get a set of default termination reasons that they can change to suit. More information once again in our documentation page.