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Onboarding Enhancement

We have just made a small, yet powerful change to the Checklist feature we recently added to HR Partner, and we hope you find it as exciting as we do.

Most of our users have said that the Checklist feature is used most routinely for onboarding new employees - to ensure that both the admin user and the employee complete the necessary legal paperwork and setup steps.

To this end, we wanted to make the whole onboarding process a LOT easier for our users.

What if we told you that you can now allocate a default checklist template AND a customised message to all new employees - whether you enter them manually into HR Partner, or Hire them using our new Applicant Tracking System (ATS) module?

Under the Recruitment Configuration menu, you now have an option to customise a welcome message for new employees, as well as select the default checklist template that will be sent to them.


Notice within the editor window, you can now enter fields such as {{employee.lastname}} etc. That's right - the template will automatically fill in these fields with the employee information when sending out the onboarding checklist to them. You can click the 'fields' button in the editor toolbar to see a list of all the possible fields you can populate the welcome message with, including the employee's Department, Location, Date of Birth etc.

Now you can type up a long welcome message, and embed things such as links to company documents, and include images etc. within it. Go ahead and make your new employees feel really welcome.

How do you send these onboarding messages and checklists to your employees, well that is super simple. If you look at the 'Add New Employee' and 'Hire Applicant' screens, you will see that there is now a checkbox near the bottom saying 'Automatically send onboarding message and template...'. It is that simple. Check this box, and the employee will be sent the information in an email, and they can immediately access it on their self service portal.


This new feature is available to ALL existing and new HR Partner users. Go ahead and set up your onboarding checklist template and messages. We'd love to hear any interesting or quirky uses of it by our ever growing user base.