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Passing Reminders Along...

It is always a sad day when an employee or one of your HR Admin team leaves the organisation. But did you know that in the past, if an admin user is disconnected from your company, all their employee reminders are lost along with them?

We realised this was a concerning issue, and we always prided ourselves in ensuring HR Partner was always there to remind you of important dates and anniversaries.

So what we did was to give you the option to move the departing admin user's reminders to another admin user altogether. You can opt to move just the upcoming future reminders, or else move even the old, overdue ones as well.


Couple this feature with another new enhancement we added recently, which allows employees to see ALL reminders that other admins have entered, and not just their own, and you can be sure that HR Partner has you covered when it comes to remembering important dates and events.


Can you think of any other ways that we can make reminders better in our system? Drop us a line at support@hrpartner.io to let me know.