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March 2020 Updates

We are excited to announce some new enhancements to HR Partner this month, including improved emails, login auditing and more.

As we welcome hundreds of new subscriber companies to HR Partner, we have been getting a ton of feedback and suggestions for improvement from everyone.  Thank you to all of you who emailed our support team with ideas.  Here are some things that we released just 2 weeks into March...

New sender fields in templates

Sometimes, when sending out an email with a Checklist, Timesheet or e-Signature file, you want to embed the name or email address of the admin user sending out the email in somewhere in the email body (or subject line).  Well, the good news is that we just included two new fields that you can add to your template now to automatically include the Admin User name and/or email.

Simply use {{sender.name}} or {{sender.email}} tags within your email subject or body to replace it with the currently logged in Admin User.

Improved Emails

We've also cleaned up the Timesheet emails, and Applicant emails to make them more uniform with other parts of our messaging.  Our UI/UX designers have been hard at work to make HR Partner even more beautiful upon ALL interactions with our software.

Did you notice something else above?  Yes, we now detect whenever your employees have not logged into their Employee Portal before, and if you send them any invite, and they haven't yet logged in, then their email will be customized to ask them to set up a password before they can perform any operations on their portal.

This should stop a LOT of confusion - especially for new employees who received an onboarding checklist etc. before they have a chance to create a login on the portal.

Login Auditing

As part of our improved security and auditing measures, we now keep a track of all login activity for both Admin Users and Employees.  We now track the login time, IP information and locality and store it within a secure audit file.

When you visit your Admin User profile page, you will see a list of you last 3 logins, and when you now go to View and Employee record, you will see their last 3 logins to the employee portal on the bottom left hand column.


Stay tuned for more updates - we may release another announcement at the end of this month, then we start work on some major functionality changes that we cannot wait to show off to you!