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Managing automatic timesheet sequence creation & closing.

Our popular timesheets module has a feature to automatically create new timesheet sequences for upcoming pay periods, and also closing timesheet sequences once the pay period date is past.

Usually, by default, the new sequence is created 1 day before the pay period date, and automatically closed (locked) 1 day after the pay period ends.

But this has proven to be problematic, as many of our users wish to either create the new sequence earlier, or more commonly, wish to close the old sequences well after the pay period end date.

What we didn't factor in, is that in some larger companies, or companies with a roving remote workforce, sometimes, their staff could not complete their timesheets until several days after the pay period ends.

Admin staff also may need a few days grace to check and communicate changes to their team before finalizing the sequence, so to have them locked so quickly created more work for admin users to unlock and make changes.

Well, we have listened to your feedback and have just introduced extra settings within the timesheet template settings to let you nominate just how early or late you wish to create/lock your sequences.

If you check the Auto Create Sequences option, you will be presented with two more fields where you can specify the threshold to generate new, or close old sequences.

These are the number of days 'grace' period that you wish to have.  If you want to create new sequences 2 days before the pay period starts, then just enter '2' in the Auto-Generate new sequences field.  If you wanted 1 week to check and confirm timesheets after the pay period ends, then enter '7' in the Auto-Close old sequences field.

The defaults will still be '1' day for each, like before, but you are free to change it to whatever value suits your company.