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Leave visibility for your employees

Just a heads up on a small change we've made to HR Partner today. In the past, we have only shown employees their own leave activity in their calendar on their self service portal.

Last month we did modify that, due to customer requests, to allow an employee to see leave activity for others in their department as well. This was done via a company wide flag setting.

However, it looks like even this wasn't enough, and as we grow our customer base, we've been asked whether we can show leave activity for other employees in the same location, and even activity for ALL employees in the company.

Well, we can cater for all these now!

In the company settings screen (under the Leave tab), there is now an option for you to define the scope of leave visibility for your employees when they are on the portal.


You can either define that they:

  1. Only see their own activity and nobody else's
  2. See their own, plus everyone in their department
  3. See their own, plus everyone in their location
  4. See their own and EVERYONE else in the company

The default setting will be 'Just Themselves', as before, but you are free to change this.