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Getting a JSON feed of your job listings

One of our newest HR Partner customers is also a software development firm, and they asked us if it was possible to somehow get the current available job listings from the recruitment module so that they could populate their own web page with the latest jobs, dynamically.

At first, our response was "Ah, wait for our API - that will enable you to do this", but then we started thinking that this wasn't actually the first time we had been asked this, and several of our other customers have also expressed the interest in laying out the current jobs on the web site or CMS systems using their own layout.

So we devised a quick but effective workaround.  Now all you need to do is to append ?output=json at the end of the public job URL, and voila! The job listing will be presented to you as a JSON array and not an HTML page.

Of course, the original HTML page will still be there at the old URL, but if you wanted to grab the information using Javascript AJAX calls, you just need to issue a GET request with the added parameter.  Then you can do with the JSON job data as you like!

An example of getting a JSON feed from our Ariel Air test/demo company:


Sample JSON listing of the Ariel Air job board