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Who made that employee note?

As we get more and more users on HR Partner, we get more requests for full auditing of the data entered in the system.  Thankfully, we built in auditing within the system from the ground up.

However, we don't always display that data in meaningful ways.

Today, we started to enhance the audit display capability of HR Partner by including an editing history within the Employee Notes edit/view screen.

History for this note entry is now displayed at the bottom of the dialog

We now show you a full audit trail of when the note was created, plus whenever any admin user makes a change to the notes.

We will shortly roll out this audit history feature across all the other modules in HR Partner as well.

UPDATE: We have now rolled out this 'history' display on all our other modules as well (i.e. assets, absences, training, performance reviews etc.).

What's more, I've got to say I LOVE working with our talented UX designer because she worked out that some audit trails of changes were quite long, and rather than cluttering up the pop up dialog with a lengthy sequence of edits at the bottom of the screen, the user can now opt to expand the screen to see them, or leave them 'collapsed' for a much neater screen view.

New expandable widget at the bottom of the edit/view dialog