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Incrementing leave balances

Hi all, we have made a small but significant change to the way leave balances are accrued in HR Partner.  As you know, you can get our system to do all the hard work for you to increment your staff leave according to rules you set.

But previously, incrementing leave balances was calculated on a daily basis.  This worked fine, except that your employee balances had lots of decimal places in them because the system would be calculating small fractions of leave every single day.  Some clients also had policies that mandated leave to be incremented at larger interval, for example, every month.  (Rostered days off work like this, in that you usually get 1 day per month allocated to you, and you cannot take more than you are due).

So what we have done now is to allow you to nominate what interval you would like to calculate the leave for - either daily (like now), weekly, monthly or quarterly.

When you choose 'Incremental' accrual in your leave profile setup screen now, you will be presented with the option to choose.

As always, please reach out to use at support@hrpartner.io if you need any assistance to change your leave setups.