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Improving Checklists

We have just introduced a way to dynamically allocate certain checklist items to the employee's direct report. Additionally, we have improved email alerts to admins when checklists are assigned to employees.

The checklist feature in HR Partner is one of our most popular - especially for on boarding, or doing customer training.

A while back, we made a small improvement by allowing certain checklist items to be sent to a particular admin user.  For example, you may have a task for setting up a PC for a new employee - and this is normally carried out by the HR Manager, so you would want her to be the only one to check off this task.

But what happens if a task has to be carried out by a particular admin user, and this admin user would change depending on the employee?  For example, if the employee has to have an entry interview with their direct supervisor, then we cannot 'hard code' their supervisor into the checklist template, because every employee would have a different direct supervisor.

But don't worry, we have made a change to the checklist templates to be able to do just that!  Now, when you go to create or edit a checklist item in a template, you have the option to allocate this item to a particular admin (as before), or else you can specify that it should go to the employee's direct report (their supervisor or manager).

As you can see, there is now a new option called '(direct report)', and if you choose this, then the admin user will not be hard coded into the template.

Instead, when you assign this checklist to an employee, the system will check for who the employee directly reports to (according to your company org chart), and assign that user as the admin user responsible for this particular item.

Important Note

There is one caveat to this new feature working properly.  Because only Admin users in HR Partner can work on employee checklists, the supervisor/manager of the assigned employee MUST also be an Admin user in HR Partner (and their HR Partner employee record must be linked to their HR Partner Admin user record).

If the employee's supervisor is NOT an admin user in HR Partner, then this task will be allocated as 'any admin' so that any other admin can check it off.

Talk to us if you want to find out about linking admin users to employees, or else read our help documentation here.

Extra Bonus

Previously, any admin users who were responsible for checking off individual items on an assigned checklist would not be aware that they had to perform the task unless they logged in to HR Partner and saw the notification alert on their dashboard.

We have now taken this an extra step, and any admin users who are responsible for individual checklist items when a checklist is assigned to one or more employees are emailed a notification advising them that they need to go and action those checklist items.