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Hiding leave on the calendar

We now allow you to selectively show or hide certain leave policies within the employee and admin calendars.

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By default, all leave entered into HR Partner will show on the calendars on both the employee and admin portals.  However, recently, a lot of customers have asked for the option to hide certain leave from various calendars.

For instance, you may want to hide long term Maternity Leave from the admin portal calendars, or perhaps particular bonus leave that managers take might preferably not be shown to employees.

In any case, we have now given you more options under 'Visibility' for the leave policies, so you can opt to show them on the calendars or not.

We already had options to show or hide the leave policies from the Leave Balance displays or the drop downs when requesting leave, but now you can extend the visibility settings into the calendars as well.

For instance, you may not want to display balances for a particular leave type, but still want to show the span taken on the calendar, or else the opposite - you may want to show the balances of, say, Bereavement Leave to everyone and allow them to select it on a leave request, but for privacy reasons you may not want to show when other employees have used their own Bereavement Leave allocation on the calendar view.

By default, everything is visible, and you can edit your policies to make them hidden.

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