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Autolinks on applicant comments

We now have auto linking on the applicant comments area to make your life easier!

Did you know that your selection panel team members can leave comments for each other against every job applications in your HR Partner company?  Previously, these comments were plain text, but we noticed that a lot of our customers (and ourselves, when hiring for our growing team) would usually enter things like links to web cover pages or interview videos etc.

We thought - "Wouldn't it be nice to be able to just click on these links straight away instead of having to cut and paste them each time we wanted to view them?".

So today, we have released a new update to HR Partner which will automatically detect and convert every URL or email address in the comments area into a clickable link!

We also truncate extra long links in the comments so that they don't take away from the actual text content around them (Don't worry, the full link is still there if you want to right click and go 'Copy Link' or just click on it to open it).

We hope this will make the process of evaluating and sorting candidates that much quicker and easier for you.