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Announcing Projects & Activities in HR Partner

Announcing our new project and activity costing module in HR Partner.
Announcing Projects & Activities in HR Partner
Photo by Jo Szczepanska / Unsplash

We are pleased to announce the mini-module release of Project and Activity costing within HR Partner.

You can now create a series of projects (which can be customer or internal jobs) and activities (such as Meetings, Programming, Consulting etc.) and allocate employee Timesheet entries, and Expense Claims towards these projects.

There is quite a lot going on with this module, but basically, it allows you to track your employee time and expenses against particular jobs, so you can work out how much a project is costing you exactly.

You can even set up different cost basis for activities for accurate tracking, and set up costs based on different currencies.  For example, your accountants in your UK office may charge GBP50 per hour for their Book-keeping work, however, senior managers in your Australian office may charge AUD$300 per hour for the same Book-keeping activity.

For more information an explanations on how to set up this new module, please visit our documentation site and read the setup guide there.