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Multi-Tier leave approvals

Multi-Tier leave approvals
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We are really happy to announce a long awaited enhancement to our leave request system in HR Partner.

Previously, your employees could only send a leave request to one or two admins, and the first admin manager to respond would mark the entire leave request as either 'Approved' or 'Rejected'.  It was handy and quick, but lacked control if the request had to go through multiple layers of approval.

But we have now introduced 'Enhanced Leave Approvals' in HR Partner, which allow you to set up rules around (a) where leave requests get sent, and (b) how many levels of approval they have to go through.

So you can now do things like:

  • All leave approvals from warehouse workers have to go to the worker's immediate supervisor for initial approval, then it needs to go to Jim and Susie who both need to approve it, then it needs to go to the HR Manager for final approval before it is valid, or
  • Leave requests from the Sydney office have to go to John and Matthew for approval, where as leave requests from the Los Angeles office have to go to Julie or Maria, or
  • All leave requests from senior management have to go to Elaine, Peter and Stevie, and any 2 out of the 3 of them have to mark it approved to go through

Or any of the combinations of the above.

Additionally, you can now even have employees approving leave for their peers if you wanted to (previously, only admin users in the system could approve/reject leave), so now employees can do it within their employee portal if they are in the approval chain for a particular leave approval rule.

Set up as many rules are you like, and enjoy flexibility (and less email noise) around your staff leave requests.  More information and detailed setups guides are on our help documentation portal.