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Variable working hours

Announcing a new feature to allow you to specify different hours per day of the working week for different team members.

An often requested feature for HR Partner (especially by our European customers) is for a variable working schedule that lets you specify different working hours for each day of the week.

Up until now, you could only specify ONE value for working hours per day (e.g. 8.0 hours per day for the working schedule) which would factor this value into any leave calculations and forecasting.

But today we release an update which allows you to specify the working hours for individual days.  You can set up as many Working Day Templates in the system as you like (under Setup -> Time Off/Leave -> Work Days) and allocate them to your employees to suit.

Change the 'Working Hours Per Day' selector to 'Variable' if you need to, which will allow you to enter in the hours for each particular day.  You can still nominate certain days as being 'non working days' as in the past.

Now whenever you allocate hourly leave to your employees, the system will calculate the correct time off over the span of the leave.