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Using your own domain name

You can now use your own company domain to access HR Partner. Find out how by checking this article and our associated help notes.
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Since the day we started, every customer on HR Partner has their own, unique subdomain under the 'hrpartner.io' domain.

For example, if your company name was Acme Industries, your HR Partner subdomain would be something like:


That works fine, except that as we grew larger, a lot of companies asked about having their own domain used, to minimize confusion among their staff.

For example, you might already have the domain name acmeindustries.com for your company, and you wanted to use:


as your link to HR Partner.

The good news is - you can now accomplish this.  How?  It is done through setting a CNAME entry on your domain name server.

Sound confusing?  Well, there is some semi-complex setup to go through, but once set up properly, it should just work seamlessly.

You will need to make changes to your DNS (domain name server) that hosts the records for your company domain, following the instructions on our help article here: https://help.hrpartner.io/article/162-setting-up-a-custom-domain-cname

Note: We are always here to help, so if you have any questions about how to set up your CNAME, please contact our support team.  A lot of the setup will have to be done on your end, on systems that we have no access or control over, but we will try and provide you with as much assistance as possible.

Setting up a custom domain should be planned and carried out carefully, as any wrong settings could mean your access to your HR Partner company could be down for several hours or even days while the routing issues are resolved.