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Speeding up your team hierarchy entry

As our user base grows, we get a ton of feedback on how we can improve our user experience. Thankfully we have great UX designers at HR Partner who can listen to our users and make these improvements.

Setting supervisor/manager when adding

One popular request has been the ability to set who the employee reports to straight away when adding a new employee, or hiring a new applicant.  Previously, you would enter the basic employee details, then have to go to the edit or view screen to specify this information.  You will be please to know that we have added a new field to let you specify their boss/manager immediately when adding/hiring them:

Specifying who an employee reports to when adding them

Makes it a snap to keep your org chart updated.

Transferring subordinates upon termination

Another instance that kept coming up was - what happens to a manager's subordinates when the manager themselves is terminated in the system?  In the past, those subordinates still stayed attached to the terminated manager, and had to be moved manually.

Well, we just made an improvement to the system to allow you to automatically move all subordinate employees to another manager while in the termination screen.  Not only that, we have give you the option to actually see which employees will be moved if you want to (without cluttering up the screen too much):

Transfer subordinates to another manager easily

No more 'hanging' employees now! And no more having to change their manager manually one by one.

Another small improvement, but one that will improve your flow within the system, has been to make it quicker to get to an employee by searching for their name.

In the past, if you searched for an employee name (or part of their name) and several results turned up, you would be taken to a list of employee cards, where you could choose the employee you wanted.  All well and good.

However, if your search only resulted in ONE employee being found, you were still taken to the card screen and had to click on that employee to continue to their 'view' screen.

Not any more.  Now if your name search only returns one employee, then you will be taken straight to that employee's view screen.  It saves one click, but that can add up when you are quickly trying to locate several employees in sequence via a name search.