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Sharing your job listings on social media

We have improved the social sharing card format in HR Partner to make your job listings more visible to the world when you share them.

One of the best ways to get more applicants for your open job listings is to share them out on social media.  You could always do that in HR Partner of course (the quickest way was by using the 'social sharing' buttons on the right hand side when viewing a job description), but the end result was a pretty boring link with only a couple of lines of text showing up.

We have now improved the sharing capability within HR Partner to incorporate 'social cards' that will display much better on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Here is what your shared job listings will look like these days:

As you can see, we change the background colour of the card to be the same as the background colour on your job portal page, and we place your company logo at the top of the card, and the position name embedded right in the middle.

The card description also contains the position name, and the summary from the job listing and the link that applicants can go to in order to apply for the job.  Clicking anywhere on the card will also take the applicant to your job portal immediately.

We hope this change makes your job listing more attractive and clickable when you share them on your company or personal social media channels.  Please let us know of any feedback you have that can make them better!

TIP: If you don't see your social cards when sharing a job listing, it is possible that our system has not generated them yet before this upgrade was pushed out.  The easiest solution is to edit your job listing and just click 'Save' within HR Parter, which will force the generation of the social sharing graphic card.