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Posting Internal Jobs

You can now have internal job listing for your employee to submit applications for.

HR Partner has always been a great way to post job listings and getting them out to a wider audience via our integrations with Glassdoor and Indeed (and soon to come - Talent.com, Monster and Jooble), however we are getting more requests from customers who wish to post Internal jobs that they want their own team to apply for so that they can go up the career path within the company.

So we are happy to announce that you can now make any job listing an 'internal' listing only which means:

  • You can optionally elect not to show the job on your HR Partner job board listing, or have it published to external job boards
  • It will be shown to all your employees on their Employee Portal dashboard, allowing them to apply for it from there

You can still post the direct link to the job listing on any other platform if you wish, but by default, the listing will stay hidden and quiet so that only your internal team will know about it.

To flag any job listing as internal, just turn on this checkbox on the Job Listing edit screen options, right at the bottom of the screen:

Don't forget to turn off the option to show on your job portal if you don't want external applicants to apply for the job!