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New job board layout

We have made some significant improvements to your company's public job board in HR Partner. Now you can customize and configure your open position listing to suit your corporate brand.

Most of you are already aware that the recruitment module in HR Partner comes with a public job board which lists all your current open job listings that you can direct your candidates to in order that they can apply for positions online.

We have just made some major changes to the job board in HR Partner to (a) make it much better to read and (b) work better on tablets and mobile devices, and (c) make it much more customizable to suit your company colors and branding!

If you already use our recruitment module, why not visit your public job board now to check out our new design?  And if you feel like doing some tweaks and changes, you can log into HR Partner and go to Recruitment -> Configure -> Job Board to see the new configuration options.

You can now set the positioning of your company logo and name at the top of the page, and you can also have a short story about your company to let your applicants know a bit more about you and entice them to join your company.

You can also set the background and button colors on the job listing screen, and you can specify how much information is shown (or not) on the listing screen.

More information on tweaking the layout of your public job board is on our documentation site here.

We hope that these changes make your job boards much easier to manage for your team and your applicants. Please let us know if you can think of anything else we can add to the public job boards in our system - we are always aiming to improve and be the best HR and recruiting system for small to medium businesses around the world.