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New Feature: Benefits and Plans

We are happy to announce a new submodule in HR Partner that now allows you to record any employee specific benefits or plans. This means that you can now store information on things like health plans, or any other paid benefit where you need to track (a) the type of the benefit, (b) the duration of the benefit, if any, and (c) the value of the benefit (either per pay period, per week, per month, annually or fixed).

Benefits Submodule

As with all other HR Partner sub modules, you can generate reports on this new submodule, including a list of benefits about to expire, all benefits above a certain monthly value etc.

Note: New HR Partner users will have a set of default benefit types and benefit statuses that they can start using immediately. Existing users will have to create types and statuses from scratch to suit their current company requirements. As always, please check out our help and documentation site for more information on how to do this.