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Improved public holidays

Last week, we rolled out company wide public holidays in HR Partner. In short, the system would now calculate days off for your employees and take into considerations any public holidays (as well as weekend and non work days) when working out when they would be back in the office.

The feature worked great, but we quickly found out that because many of our customers are spread across the globe, with offices in different cities and countries, very often a public holiday in one spot wouldn't be a public holiday in another.

Which is why we just expanded this new feature to allow you to allocate a Location to a public holiday.

New Location Feature In Public Holidays

You can also opt to NOT allocate a location, which means the holiday will be global across your whole HR Partner company.

So now if you have staff in Sydney, with a full working week, and staff in London, which has a public holiday on Monday, your leave calculations for your London team will factor in an extra day off for the public holiday, whereas your Sydney team will be hard at work!

Just another way that we make HR Partner the best HR management tool for todays modern, distributed workforce.