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Leave calendar colors

When we first designed HR Partner, we thought it would be neat if we could get the leave calendar to automatically assign the different leave types a different color to differentiate them.

We also thought that we would be clever and see if we could automatically assign a color based on the name of the leave type - that way the same leave name would always show the same color throughout the entire system.

Well - it turns out that perhaps we weren't so clever after all, and that most names ended up generating a "meh" color (for instance, the leave name "Annual Leave" generates a particular odd hue of baby poo brown!).

One of the most popular customer requests have been for a way to nominate your own colors for the calendar elements (much as you can do with Company Calendar events and Public Holidays).

Well, the good news is that now you can!

We've introduced the ability to select your own colors for each leave type, via the Leave Policy setup area.

Now you can nominate your own colors, for example, to match your Outlook Calendar colors or to better reflect the type of leave it is.

These will then be displayed on your calendars.  Also please note that we change the foreground color of the calendar text for each leave type depending on the shade of the background color in order to make it easier to read.

Have fun choosing your own colors for your calendars!