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Improved applicant management

We have made it easy for you to either download a list of applicants for a particular job, or transfer some or all applicants from one job listing to another.

It looks like our recruitment and applicant tracking system is one of our most popular modules at the moment, and we are pleased to see hundreds and hundreds of job ads posted and processed using HR Partner these days.

A couple of common requests have been coming up from our power users - and that was the ability to (1) move applicants from one job listing to another, and (2) the ability to download applicants so that they can be processed or analysed on another system.

But why would our customers want to move applicants from one job listing to another, we asked?  Well, it turns out that many of you have multi-tiered job application processes, or perhaps you had some great candidates for an already filled position that would be perfect for consideration for another, similar role.

Well, today we released an update to HR Partner to allow you to do both of these things.  If you have a look at the Job View screen, you will notice a change to the buttons on the top right hand side:

Where there previously was a small, white 'Edit' button, we have made this button larger, and added another button for applicant management.

Reassigning Applicants

The new 'Assign Applicant' option allows you to reassign either all, or some applicants to another (open) job listing.  Clicking this option will pop up the following window:

From here, you can specify which applicants you want to assign.  You can either pick '(all stages)', which will select ALL applicants in the current job, or else you can pick just applicants in a particular stage (e.g. you might only want the applicants who made it to the 'Interview' stage in the current job to be re-assigned.

Then, you can specify another open job listing to assign the applicants to, and also specify the stage in that job that you want them in (you may have a custom stage such as 'Invited' that you want to place these applicants in specially).

Lastly, you can specify whether you want their file attachments (resumes etc.) to be copied across as well, but be warned - this will create duplicates of these documents which will impact your upload storage space allocation.

A last thing to note on this screen - if the new job has the same custom application form as the current one, then the applicant answers to the first job will be transferred over as well.  If the new job uses a different form, then no answers are copied across.

Exporting Applicants

This one is fairly quick and self explanatory.  Clicking this option will immediately download a CSV file to your system with the applicant's basic details.  The CSV file will contain the applicant's:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Current stage name they are in

You can import this into any other system you like.