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eSignatures Are Here

This week, we are proud to announce a brand new module for HR Partner that our rapidly growing user base has been requesting - electronic signatures.

That's right, now you can send documents off to your employees, job applicants, and even external parties outside your company, to sign securely no matter where they are.


No need to print and hand deliver important documents any more. You can now create your own documents (using any editing tool such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, Pages etc.) and have them turned into secure, signable documents.

HR Partner now includes a sophisticated document editor, letting you nominate where and how various parties will sign any contract, whether it is a simple one pager, or a multi page monolith.


A simple wizard makes sending to various parties a real breeze.


Your receiving parties will be sent to a signing portal where they can follow very simple instructions on how to sign the document. The system will even tell them what fields need to be signed, and on what pages, so they can find them easily.


Documents can be signed using a mouse, or finger (on touch screen devices), or your users can opt to type in their name in a variety of fonts, or upload their pre scanned signatures.



Signatures are embedded right within the documents themselves, which are stored safely on our secure servers, or can be downloaded by any of the signing parties.


Best of all, e-signatures are also tightly integrated with our Checklists module, so you can send off documents to be signed as part of a checklist process - fantastic for those onboarding tasks where you need the employee or admin staff to sign off on important paperwork.

We hope you have fun using e-Signatures on HR Partner, and we look forward to your feedback and suggestions for improvements.