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Announcing Xero Payroll UK integration

We are please to announce that we now integrate with Xero's UK payroll (as well as their Australian and New Zealand payroll systems). Beautiful payroll now has beautiful HR!

We've had Xero Australia payroll integration for a while now in HR Partner, and we added Xero New Zealand payroll a few months back.  But now we are pleased to announce that we fully integrate with Xero UK payroll as well.

You won't really see anything different on the front end, as all the hard work has been done 'behind the scenes' to map our HR Partner data fields to Xero's unique payroll system.  All you need to do is to choose 'Xero Payroll (UK)' from the list of integrations in the drop down under Company Setup -> Integrations.

There is one field that you must configure first before your employees can start requesting leave, and that is: You must go to Employees -> Import -> Integration and choose the specific Statutory Leave category for Sick leave, so we can map the sick leave requests to the right parameters in Xero (depending on whether there is pension payable or not on the leave time).

Special option for Xero UK customers

Once that is done, you can start using HR Partner and Xero together and have all your employee information brought across automatically.

For more detailed information on setting up the integration, please refer to our useful help documentation.

Beautiful Accounting & Payroll now has beautiful HR too!

Note: Because Xero's UK Payroll API is still new and undergoing testing, there are a few minor issues, such as the employee's position not being brought across from Xero to HR Partner (you can still set it in HR Partner and it will be remembered). As Xero improve and fix their UK API, these problems should be resolved over the next few months.