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Taking A Shortcut

We've just rolled out a very noticeable change to HR Partner today, which is the new 'Shortcut' bar that makes it quicker and easier for you to get to the important sections of HR Partner that you use most frequently.

This bar will appear right at the top of your main dashboard, and we think it will make it much easier for new users to the system to get to where they need to be without having to hunt through the left hand menu.


In addition to this change, we have made a number of small tweaks to the interface in order to make everything more consistent. For instance, you may notice in the View Employee screen now, we have moved the 'Contacts' information over to the middle column, and moved the list of HR Partner sub-modules to the top of the left hand column to make it more consistent across all the other screens.


We've also moved the 'Edit Employee' button over to the left hand side next to the employee's profile picture in order to make it easier to find.

Another big change you will see is in the Employee Edit screen itself.


This screen was getting quite long and unwieldy, so we thought that we would section it into tabs in order to group information in a more meaningful way, reduce clutter and make data entry easier and faster for you.

PRO TIP: Notice the new 'Leave' tab in here which will allow you to enter in employee leave entitlements and balances rather than having to go to the global leave entry screen which shows ALL employees.

Let us know what you think of these changes, and if you have any questions or notice any problems, please do not hesitate to click on the purple 'chat' icon in the lower right corner to talk to us about it.

UPDATE: 10th November

Please note that if you don't want the shortcut bar taking up screen real estate, and you are a power user who knows how to find your way around HR Partner, then you can turn off the shortcut bar by going into your Profile (click on your user avatar in the top left corner), then uncheck the box under 'Look & Feel' which says 'Show shortcut bar'.