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Improving expense claim and leave request approvals

In the past, ANY admin user in HR Partner could approve a leave request, or an expense claim that was submitted by an employee - even if they were not the admin that the request/claim was submitted to.

A lot of our users didn't mind that, as it meant that all claims and requests could be treated on a 'first in, best dressed' capacity.  Any admin user could jump in on behalf of another (who may have been unable) to quickly process the employee request.

However, as we get an increase of larger companies within our customer base, the requirement for better security and accountability has also come to the forefront.

Hence, we have now allowed you to tailor exactly how you want to handle incoming claims and requests.  We have added 'scopes' into the permissions screen when you invite a new admin, or adjust the permissions for an existing admin.

You can now specify whether you want this particular admin to only approve requests and claims sent to them only, or else still be able to approve any and all employee submissions.

The default is to allow all, as was the system behavior before, but now you can opt to restrict individual admins from being able to approve submissions that were not intended for them.