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Announcing Automatic Leave Accruals

A while back, we released a way for our users to manually enter employee leave balances in HR Partner, so that your team members could see in near real time now much leave they have up their sleeves when submitting approvals etc.

This was all due to requests from some of our earliest customers. Then, a couple of months ago, we introduced a way to import leave balances from various file formats - also a request from customers.

Now we have gone one step further, and are proud to announce that you can actually get HR Partner to calculate leave accruals for your employees in (nearly) real time.

This is all done via a set of 'rules' that you set up, so that you can now allocate leave for your employees many ways, e.g.:

  • Up front when they first start employment with your company
  • Incrementally day by day, until the accrue their full leave allocation at the end of a year's service
  • Delay accruals for 'x' days before giving them an opening balance then accruing incrementally from that point onwards
  • Resetting leave balances on the anniversary of employment, or rolling it forward to the next year

Flexibility was a key design factor for us, as well ease of changing and editing leave balances to cater for outlying scenarios where automatic calculations may not be accurate (i.e. if an employee has taken time off without pay etc.).

This was a reasonably difficult challenge for our development team, as a LOT of the magic happens 'behind the scenes' out of view of the end user.

Please check our help documentation site for some useful videos and tips on how to set up automatic leave accruals if you need it for your company.